Does Exploitation Have Limits?

The answer is no. There are no limits to exploitation. Once you are completely infatuated and obsessed with someone, their energy consumes you to the point that you want to watch everything they do, know everything about them, touch everything they touch, copy them, imitate them and even wish to become them. 

In other words, this is called “Star Quality”. The star power a person exudes, draws people in and completely overwhelms them.

In a way it is blessing, but it is also a curse. This can sometimes turn into an unhealthy obsession, jealousy and other very dark and dangerous instincts that ultimately can lead you to unintentionally or intentionally hurt this person. The late rapper Juice Wrld wrote in one of his songs, “ It’s funny how the blessed ones have the most curses”…

Massive superstars and people with strong star power in general, have always been exploited by the public. Their work, their ideas, their image, their personalities, their personal lives, their nude pictures and videos and even their deaths. There are pictures of Marilyn Monroe and Princess Diana’s death scenes all over the internet, their dead bodies exploited and showcased for the world to see. Their personal items are being sold at auctions for large amounts of money even decades after their deaths and they become collectibles with immense value.

Their clothes, jewellery, even handwritten notes and tissues they once used. I recently saw an auction of a pollaroid that Marilyn Monroe took of one of her dogs and that picture of simply the dog, without her even in it, reached almost the amount of 30,000 USD.

During a large part of Marilyn's life and at the time of her death, it is said, based on evidence found later on, that all her telephones and her entire house were tapped. Marilyn was being constantly watched and spied on and this happened to Princess Diana as well. At some point, a huge story broke in the American press, which caused a global media storm, when nude pictures of Jackie Kennedy Onassis were published across the pages of American magazine "Hustler", when paparazzi stalked her while she was sunbathing naked in the comfort of her own home and private beach in "Skorpios" island.

But it's not only the dedication to discover everything about these people, it is also the constant attempt to portray them the way that you would wish them to be or that appeals to you.  People like to let their imagination run wild and they want to project all their fantasies on people who are, for some reasons, monopolising their interest. 

So in a way, it seems that everyone knows everything about them, but in reality a vast amount of those stories are simply urban myths, speculations or malignant allegations.


Marilyn Monroe for example, was very misunderstood and have always been portrayed as the "dumb blonde", but this was hardly the truth. She was an extremely talented person, her sex appeal was unparalleled and she is one of the most iconic sex symbols of all time. She was the very first woman in Hollywood to found her own production company, a monumental move that sparked the beginning of the end of the studio system. She stood up against 20th Century Fox and won.

The press at the time called her "an example of the individual against the herd for years to come" and  TIME called her "a shrewd business woman". She was also a passionate advocate for civil rights . The iconic 

Queen of Jazz Ella Fitzgerald faced some difficulties in her career, when Mocambo, the most popular jazz nightclub in Hollywood did not allow her to perform in the venue due to the colour of her skin and Marilyn helped her break this barrier.  Ella Fitzgerald said to the press later:

"I owe Marilyn Monroe a real debt. She personally called the owner of the Mocambo and told him she wanted me

booked immediately and if he would do it, she would take the front table every night. [...]  The owner said yes 

and Marilyn was there, front table, every night. The press went overboard. After that I never had to play a small jazz club again. She was an unusual woman, a little ahead of her times and she didn't know it."


The uncontrollable appetite of the public to know everything about someone, makes them completely exploit that person to the point that he or she ceases to be human and becomes an idea. 

People will say anything, post and print anything, invade your life and privacy and even kill you in order to take your picture, just like Princess Diana. 

This reminds me of the movie “Perfume:The Story of a Murderer”, where the serial killer was fixated on creating a scent so beautiful, pure, divine and irresistible which would birth the absolute perfection. Once the killer created the scent, in the last scene of the film, he poured the perfume all over his body and then everyone was compelled by an uncontrollable and unexplainable desire to smell him, touch him, kiss him, possess him and ultimately devour him, until there was absolutely nothing left.  


There are many instances throughout history, where famous artists have been murdered by their obsessed fans and stalkers. Such as John Lennon, who was shot and killed by Mark David Chapman right outside of his apartment building in New York, the iconic “Dakota” where director Roman Polanski filmed his movie Rosemary’s Baby also. 

Such events, always leave a feeling of extreme sadness and injustice for the loss of bright people who have so much light and passion to pour out to the world, but the sun sets so tragically and untimely for them and us all. People, usually artists who possess such strong energies, attract a lot of attention but they attract low vibing individuals also. 

There are no limits to exploitation and there is nothing you can do to stop it. Once someone is put in this position, they have to live with that for the rest of their lives and it may go on way beyond that.  It is fate and destiny. All one has to really do, is find their purpose.

I produced a short video to accompany this article, but the message was so strong and it was so provocative and dark, that I decided to save it for now. Instead I will present some pictures I recreated from the very famous photoshoot Marilyn Monroe did with photographer Douglas Kirkland, laying on a bed with white sheets, posing and being happy and playful, doing what she did best. Shine.


Writen by Anastasia Dulas

Creatively Directed by Anastasia Dulas

Photgraphed by Evdokia Karamitrou

Edited by Anastasia Dulas

Starring Anastasia Dulas

Make up by Angeliki Stournara

Nails by Nailspot Thessaloniki

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